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We look after your legal and tax needs so you can focus on what is important in your life.

In every legal or tax issue entrusted to us by our clients, we initially see a challenge that our partners, professionals and all employees meet with commitment, experience and expertise.

Over the many years of the partnership, we have found that: Together we know more, and teamwork helps us to achieve our objectives more quickly. And what moves our work forward serves to secure success for our clients. To this end, it is particularly important to us to achieve profitable results in a timely manner.

Many of our experienced partners are experts in their respective fields of law and taxation and hold the title of specialist lawyer or specialist adviser. Behind these specialisations lie years of experience and expertise, from which our young professionals also benefit. From the very beginning, they are intensively supported by the specialist lawyers and advisers and, as a result, also quickly become specialists.

When a team of experts from the various fields is brought together, problems can be solved quickly, and new opportunities and perspectives can be developed. In this way, we manage to think ahead and, as a team, find the best possible solution for our clients.

We call this bringing together of professionals “working in a competence team”. And there is not just one such team. A separate team is put together for each individual concern or issue that our clients may have. Obviously, not every legal or tax challenge requires a large team of experts in order for it to be solved. The advice of or representation by individual experts in the legal or tax field is often enough. Other concerns or issues, however, are sometimes more complex than many clients assume and require not only legal but also tax advice or the expert knowledge of a certified public accountant.  This is precisely when our competence teams come together, and our clients benefit from expert advice from a wide range of areas of law and tax from a single source.

This takes place quite frequently in one of our meeting rooms: The issue is discussed by our clients with one of our experts and, if necessary, a specialist lawyer or specialist from another area of law or tax joins the meeting and helps further with his/her specialist knowledge. Or it only emerges later during the advisory process that further expertise is needed. It often only takes a telephone call or a brief meeting between colleagues for a solution to be found.
The advantages of working together in a team are obvious: no cumbersome search for further experts, short (decision-making) paths and focused approach to work. For our clients this means that there is always a direct contact person, with a whole team available in the background to find solutions.

This is particularly helpful when it comes to company succession, for example, where questions of company law, inheritance law and tax law need to be answered. Or if, in the context of a sale of a company, employment law issues also have to be addressed. No matter what questions our clients ask: we have the right team and find a solution working together with our clients.

Finally, our collaboration in competence teams has made one thing clear to us: individuals know many things, but together we know much more!

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