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We assist you in forming your company so that you can focus on your core business.

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Do you have a promising, superb business idea and want to form a company? Or have you already started a business and are now facing new tax and legal challenges, but want to focus on moving your start-up or business forward?

Do not wait until you have already accumulated several requests from the tax office and are trying to keep track of numerous forms before you contact us.

Various tax and legal considerations have to be taken into account prior to setting up your business. You can rely on our experience and expertise for this, we will provide effective assistance. As a company founder, focus on your actual task, the operating business. We keep track of all tax obligations and deadlines for you and carefully consider all factors regarding your company’s strategic direction.

A start-up involves more than just tax considerations. Legal decisions must also be taken and arrangements made.

For example, the choice of legal form, because this creates a fixed financial, legal and tax framework for your company. In this context, all relevant aspects for decision-making must considered: limitation of liability, extent of tax burden, financing, pension provision for the entrepreneur and other associated tax and legal obligations. Regardless of whether you are in the start-up phase, expanding the company or in another phase of your company's development, the choice of the optimal legal form is essential. We enable you to make the right decisions on an informed basis.

In addition to the choice of legal form, you will face further legal challenges regarding which we will be happy to assist you. This includes trademark law, copyright law, employment law, corporate law, competition law, etc.

We provide you with a competence team tailored to your needs for your start-up, comprising experienced lawyers, tax advisers, management consultants and certified public accountants. This enables us to guarantee that you receive a comprehensive range of services for your start-up. In this way, we work with you to create the optimal legal and tax framework for realising your business venture. Through our closely-knit network, we can assist you, for example, with notarial deeds, financing and approvals.

The following list of topics provides you with an initial overview of our services:

  • Business plan
  • Location analysis
  • Business registration, business licence
  • Drafting of Articles of Association, managing director agreements, employment contracts
  • Trade mark and copyright laws
  • Competition and antitrust laws
  • Setting up the accounting system, business reporting and management tools and operating structure and processes
  • Choice of legal form
  • Analysis of tax burden and comparisons
  • Accounting and tax planning
  • Company formation tax check
  • Financing forms and structure, including application requirements and reporting
  • Advice on grants and subsidies
  • Tax loss utilisation strategies
  • Drafting of General Terms and Conditions and licence agreements
  • Data protection law
  • Will and prenuptial agreement for founders

Although the start-up process basically follows familiar steps, the individual idea and team of individuals requires personal as well as tailored advice. Challenge us! We deliver proven solutions for your problems.

We can manage that —

The experts to match.

Olaf Oestreich

Diplom-Ökonom, Tax Adviser, Certified Public Accountant, Specialist Adviser for Healthcare (IBG/HS Bremerhaven)

Arne Tödter

Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur, Tax Advisor (Of Counsel)

Andreas Braunwarth

Diplom-Kaufmann, Tax Advisor (Of Counsel)

Gerold Winter

Diplom-Kaufmann, Tax Advisor, Certified Public Accountant

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