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We assist and defend you in criminal tax proceedings.

Criminal tax proceedings

We also advise you in connection with criminal tax proceedings.

In the confusion of the German tax jungle, it is easy to evade taxes without being detected - according to a German politician. It is also possible to be completely wrongly suspected of having committed a tax offence.

Case law and legislation have tightened both the rules on exempting voluntary self-disclosure from punishment and on the level of penalties.

Especially in the case of unannounced visits by investigators, it is important to keep a cool head and seek external expert help from a tax adviser or lawyer. There is a risk that, if one panics and falls into a state of apparent helplessness, one’s own position or that of the company might be worsened through thoughtless behaviour. The principle that "speech is silver, silence is golden" cannot be overstated when premises are searched by the investigating authorities. It is essential for a strong defence that the person concerned invokes his/her right to remain silent and immediately contacts a lawyer with whom the defence strategy can be coordinated.

We will also be happy to advise you beforehand on drawing up a plan of action in the event of an unannounced visit to your company by the tax investigation department.

Our experienced team of lawyers and tax advisers can assist you in preparing voluntary self-disclosures to avoid the criminal consequences of a tax offence that has not yet been detected. Of course, we can also work with a tax adviser of your choice.

Our activities also include defending you in criminal tax proceedings and representation of your interests vis-à-vis the investigating authorities.

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