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Intangible industrial assets and intellectual property, i.e. things one has developed and invented oneself, also play an important role in our daily professional lives and are therefore also very important to us. Our company logo, for example, is  our trade mark with which we present ourselves to the outside world, which identifies our office premises, our commercial documents and other articles, right down to the ballpoint pen. Or the professional contributions of our lawyers, tax advisers and certified public accountants, which appear in the relevant professional magazines, books and newspapers. They all form part of our intangible industrial assets and intellectual property.

Accordingly, we understand the importance and value of such assets and protect them on behalf of our clients as if they were our own. In doing so, we rely on the experience gained and passed on over decades, enabling us not only to protect and defend the intangible assets of our clients, but also to strategically develop them and thus increase their value.

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Carina Tolle-Lehmann

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer in copyright and media law

Hermann Lindhorst

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer in IT, copyright and media law, Specialist lawyer in sports law

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