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We support you in all issues relating to the use of the Internet so that you can design your digital presence in a legally compliant manner.

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For many, using the Internet is as natural as getting up in the morning, and for companies it is often an important, if not the most important, part of their business. Even before going live with their own company website, it is therefore essential that companies should fully understand IT law (formerly Internet law) and ensure that all legal requirements are met. Has the requirement to include legal information been complied with? Are the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and the reference to the right to withdraw consent drawn up in accordance with the regulations and, above all, legally watertight?

Numerous "sample wordings” can of course be found on the Internet. But these do not always stand up to legal scrutiny. Companies are therefore strongly advised to have their own legal information, GTC and withdrawal clauses reviewed beforehand or even when business is already being transacted to ensure that they are up to date. It is not uncommon for these "issues" to be used by competitors as an opportunity to have warnings issued by their lawyers - with the costs this would entail.

IT law and more

IT law is closely associated with intellectual property law, copyright, and media law, and sometimes also employment law or banking and capital market law. However, IT law also touches on aspects such as data protection law, domain law or - to put it in a nutshell - simply everything to do with computers, software, and the Internet.
We also have many years of experience in these areas and will be happy to advise you - if necessary, on a multidisciplinary basis - on the following topics, inter alia:

  • drafting of IT legal agreements (for example: software license agreements, software distribution agreements, maintenance agreements)
  • Legal support for software implementation projects, open source software
  • E-commerce law: Online shop design, affiliate marketing
  • Domain agreements and disputes
  • Checking the legal information, GTC, etc. published on your website
  • Data protection law

Data protection has also been a recurring topic in the media since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) in 2018 and is of immense importance for companies. Although the four million euro fine that was often discussed before the introduction of the regulation has not yet been imposed, severe penalties could be incurred for non-compliance with the regulation, which can be prevented at a comparatively low financial cost by means of a review conducted by experts. We therefore regularly advise our clients: take this topic seriously and rely on our expert advice so that you can return to what is important to you with a comfortable feeling of security: your business!

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