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Your employees deserve their salary and you deserve legal certainty. We assist you in complying with legal obligations and you save time and prevent stress.

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Almost every adult has held a pay slip in his or her hands at one time or another, and the subject of wages is after all as old as mankind itself. Some deserve more than they get, others may get more than they deserve. However, nowadays, a number of factors, such as gross salary, tax bracket, income tax, social security have an impact on the amount that is ultimately paid to the employee and have implications for the amount to be deducted by you as the employer.

We cannot tell you how much salary you should pay your employees, but we can calculate the salary for you, assist you with our payroll accounting services and advise on how to derive the most benefit from these services for you and your employees.


Of course, not every employer is the CEO of a large company. Private individuals may also employ workers such as the domestic help who comes every afternoon for three hours to keep the home tidy, look after the children or do the shopping. Or the gardener who mows the lawn twice a week. It is important to know:

  • What are the options for paying domestic help?
  • Do I have to continue paying the domestic help even if he or she is sick?
  • Should the gardener be paid a fixed salary or on an hourly basis?

Just ask our experts. Working with you, we are sure to find a solution that is satisfactory for all parties concerned.

A company is made up of its employees

But back to the companies for which the topic of payroll accounting is part of their day-to-day business. We all know: a company cannot operate without its employees. It is therefore even more important to pay them an appropriate salary and to retain them in the company by offering attractive fringe benefits. Non-cash benefits, Christmas bonuses and a company car are just a fraction of the things you can offer your employees in order to retain them in the company.

  • But how are these fringe benefits accounted for?
  • Are there certain limits and deadlines that you must observe as an entrepreneur?
  • As an employer, what reports do you have to submit to public authorities and other institutions?

Questions we are happy to answer.


We set out below some of the services we provide as part of our payroll accounting:

  • Maintaining master data
  • Sending analysis reports
  • Auditing travel expense reports
  • Preparing sample statements
  • Preparing income tax certificates
  • Issuing A1 certificates for field staff employed in the EU
  • Preparing the AAG reports (report under the Act on the Compensation of Employer’s Expenses for Continued Payment of Remuneration (Aufwendungsausgleichsgesetz, AAG) in the event of sickness or for maternity benefits)
  • Preparing the EEL reports (compensation benefits - sickness benefit, children's sickness benefit, disabled person’s sickness benefit, transitional allowance, etc.)
  • Issuing certificates of employment
  • Issuing salary certificates to be presented to landlords
  • Calculating maternity benefits
  • Dealing with employer’s liability insurance matters

Please do not hesitate to contact our tax advisers if you would like us to assist you with your payroll needs. As with all our services, we are happy to provide these services also in digital, i.e. paperless, form.

Teledatic GmbH

Our subsidiary, Teledatic GmbH, prepares payroll and financial accounting records in a professional manner for clients who use the services of other advisers for tax matters. Teledatic draws on the expertise of the entire law firm for this purpose and is happy to assist you.

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