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Receivables management

We assist you in collecting receivables so that you can focus on your business.

From small businesses to medium-sized enterprises to corporate groups

Regardless of whether it is an international group, a medium-sized enterprise or a sole trader - no commercially active company can now do without receivables management.

We therefore also pay special attention to the enforcement of your claims. For almost 50 years, our firm has had a department specialising in receivables management, particularly on behalf of medium-sized enterprises. We have already successfully processed thousands of debt collection cases and recovered the amounts due.

The internal processing of receivables entails considerable effort and cost, which is not reimbursed by the debtor.  In addition, debtors often do not take the reminders that payments are overdue, seriously if they come from the creditor itself. For this reason, there is much to be said in favour of outsourcing receivables management to a professional third party.

If you have this task performed by an external service provider, the reimbursement of the costs associated with the collection of the receivables, including lawyers' fees, can be claimed from the debtor (future Section 13c of the Act on out-of-court legal services (Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz)).

We are different to pure collection agencies! Our objective is to realise your claim on an individual basis without damaging your reputation and public image that may result from the sale of receivables.

What we have to offer:

  • Out-of-court debt collection up to legal assertion and obtaining title by enforcement order or judgment
  • Conclusion of instalment agreements
  • Enforcement of claims, e.g. through attachment of salaries or bank accounts
  • Appointment of a bailiff until a debtor provides information about his financial status
  • Compulsory registration of a mortgage in the land register to secure a claim and
  • monitoring of receivables for which an enforceable title has been obtained
  • Obtaining information from third parties, e.g. employers, bank details

Your benefits

The expertise acquired in our firm over decades as well as the staff who are specially trained and continue their professional education in this area on an ongoing basis are a great advantage for you in the enforcement of your claims.

  • Coordination of the entire dunning procedure from the pre-litigation reminder to bringing an action before the court
  • High success rate of the dunning chain or in enforcement
  • Legal advice to avoid bad debts
  • Full cost transparency
  • Conducting legal proceedings with specialist lawyers
  • Averting imminent time-barring
  • Extensive training and many years of experience in the field of receivables management
  • Long-term monitoring after an enforceable title has been obtained for your claim


The costs arising from our work are generally based on the German Act on the Remuneration of Lawyers (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz), so that they are also reimbursed by the debtor in the event of successful enforcement. Individual remuneration models can certainly be arranged for out-of-court work.

We can clarify all further details in a personal conversation. Our partners responsible for receivables management are happy to advise you.

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Dr. Jens Biederer

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law, Specialist lawyer for construction and architectural law

Lennart Holst LL.B.

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law

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