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We assist you in all legal matters concerning the sports business, so that you can continue enjoying sport.

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A seven-figure annual salary, no less prize money and advertising revenue, and the hero of millions of people - who would not want to be a successful professional athlete? This and record transfer fees show how much the sport has gained not only in personal but also in economic importance. Even in the field of digital sports, i.e. e-sports, annual incomes are now in the five-digit range.

We are not sports professionals, rather passionate athletes and sports fans, but, as a result, we have a great understanding of sports issues as such. And we understand sports law and sponsorship law and have been successfully advising various athletes, clubs, associations, agencies and managers in this regard for many years.

Maybe you are a young, aspiring athlete - clubs and sponsors are tempting you with offers and you are unsure whether to accept them. Ask our experts. We draft, review and negotiate, inter alia, management contracts, agency contracts, service agreements and sponsorship agreements on your behalf. Of course, we are also happy to help experienced athletes, where the amounts to be negotiated are often incomparably higher and legal assistance is even more important, at least from an economic point of view.

We also assist sports clubs in negotiating transfers, transfer fees and employment contracts. And if questions from employment law, tax law or the like have to be answered in addition to sports law, we work together as a team.

Sports sponsorship

We sponsor not only privately through various season tickets, but also as a law firm, and support several sports clubs. Thanks to this we know from our own experience what is important in a sponsorship agreement and are able to support you optimally in this respect.

In all matters of sports law we can assure you:
We are professional, fair, persevering and committed to stand by your side - if necessary, in extrajudicial disputes or in litigation before the civil court, sports court or criminal court.

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Contact us if one of the following or other topics from sports law or sponsorship law are relevant for you or if you need legal support in these fields:

  • Sponsorship agreement
  • Management contract / agency contract
  • Service agreement / employment contract
  • Law governing clubs / associations
  • Change in club / player transfer / transfer fee

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Hermann Lindhorst

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer in IT, copyright and media law, Specialist lawyer in sports law

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