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We protect you from unwarranted tax assessments so that you can look after your company.

Contesting these assessments may prove to be worthwhile

We also do not hesitate to become involved in disputes in opposition and appeal proceedings as well as in proceedings brought before the fiscal courts. Should this be necessary, we will of course also represent you before the Federal Fiscal Court, the German supreme court for tax matters. In rare cases in which a constitutional or European law issue related to tax law requires clarification, we rely on the expertise and experience of competent litigation partners.

Since your objectives must often be pursued in opposition and court proceedings that are extremely time-consuming and have an uncertain outcome, we become actively involved on your behalf prior to these proceedings. For business decisions involving a high degree of tax uncertainty and risk, the preferred method of choice may be obtaining an advance tax ruling. This ensures clarity and is the safe way to achieve the chosen objective from a business perspective and can prevent some businesses foundering on the rocks of tax law. We will be happy to review this option for you.

Even if we do not advise you on your ongoing tax matters, we will of course also accept individual mandates on a case-by-case basis in cooperation with your permanent adviser. Benefit from our experience and competence.

We can manage that —

The experts to match.

Stefan Grube

Diplom-Kaufmann, Tax Adviser, Specialist adviser for asset and financial planning (DStV e.V.), Specialist adviser for controlling and finance (DStV e.V.)

Michael Niemeyer

Sworn Auditor, Tax Advisor, Lawyer

Lorenz von Geyso

Lawyer, Tax Advisor

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