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According to Wikipedia  "tax law [...] is an area of legal study in which public [...] authorities [...] use a body of rules and procedures (laws) to assess and collect taxes"'. The tax assessment and collection procedures in Germany are largely determined by the Fiscal Code (Abgabenordnung, AO), which contains the main provisions of tax procedural law, while substantive tax law, i.e. the specific provisions regarding the amount of the tax liability, is enshrined in numerous individual laws.

A German politician once suggested to simplify taxes so that your tax return fits on a beer mat. However, it should be clear even for politicians that if the law is designed to be legally watertight as well as fair in individual cases, this will not be sufficient. We are not proud of the fact that German tax law is complex in all its manifestations and ramifications. But we pride ourselves on mastering this complexity.

So, if you no longer wish to juggle with the complexity of tax returns and are not one of the few people who enjoy performing nearly impossible tasks themselves, you have come to the right place. We can guide you through the jungle and provide you with excellent tax services.

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Arne Tödter

Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur, Tax Advisor (Of Counsel)

Andreas Braunwarth

Diplom-Kaufmann, Tax Advisor (Of Counsel)

Mirja Brockhaus

Certified Tax Advisor

Stefan Grube

Diplom-Kaufmann, Tax Adviser, Specialist adviser for asset and financial planning (DStV e.V.), Specialist adviser for controlling and finance (DStV e.V.)

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