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We communicate with the tax authorities on your behalf, thereby freeing you and your company from time-consuming bureaucracy.

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We arrange all necessary tax returns in connection with your current financial and payroll accounting processes: We submit the monthly or quarterly advance VAT returns for you and, if required, apply for a permanent extension of the deadline. In addition, we file income tax and social security reports for you after each filing period applicable to your business and thus report the wage tax you deducted or income tax levied as a flat rate as well as social security contributions to the tax office responsible for your company and the social security agencies

  • Advance VAT returns
  • Recapitulative statements (ZM) for VAT purposes
  • Permanent deadline extension
  • Income tax reports

As a result of our long-standing partnership with DATEV, we have all the necessary software products at our disposal to perform these tasks. We and DATEV place the highest possible value on internal and external data security, availability and reliability. If requested, individual or all aspects of the ongoing advice provided are handled on a paperless and digital basis. We use the digital solutions "Unternehmen-Online" and "Arbeitnehmer-Online" as well as customised interfaces and cloud solutions. Thanks to the IT specialists at our subsidiary Dataplanit, we are also able to ensure seamless technical mapping and implementation.

In connection with the preparation of annual financial statements, we prepare your business tax returns on the basis of these annual financial statements. These usually include the VAT return, trade tax return and corporation tax or declarations concerning the separate determination of income tax bases (Feststellungserklärung).

Furthermore, we prepare all tax returns for individuals and businesses for all types of taxes that are due on a regular and irregular basis.

  • Corporation tax return
  • Trade tax return
  • VAT return
  • Declarations concerning the separate determination of income tax bases
  • Capital gains tax return
  • Income tax reports
  • Gift tax forms
  • Inheritance tax forms

In preparing these returns, reports and forms we always represent your interests in a resolute and energetic manner. We will gladly take over the entire communication with tax offices and the municipal administration according to your wishes and requirements.

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Martin Karp

Diplom-Betriebswirt, Tax Adviser

Katrin Schössow

Diplom-Kauffrau, Tax Adviser

Sven Schuster

Diplom-Wirtschaftsjurist (FH), Tax Advisor

Mirja Brockhaus

Certified Tax Advisor

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