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Where a building consists of several legally self-contained flats that "belong" to different owners, this form of ownership is referred to as a commonhold association. It is common for disputes to often arise due to the various interests of the individual owners.

If you are constructing a building that will be divided into owner-occupied flats, or if you as the owner want to divide a building into flats, we can assist you in drafting or reviewing a tailored separation deed.

If you are already part of a commonhold association, we will be happy to assist you in enforcing your claims within the framework of sound administration or in challenging resolutions that do not comply with sound administration standards.

Legal support for property management companies is also part of our "daily bread and butter" in this context.

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Andreas Th. E. Kreutzer

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer in tax law, Specialist lawyer for tenancy and commonhold law (Of Counsel)

Claudia Hippert

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer for tenancy and commonhold law

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