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What are you? Are you a forward planner? The next holiday, pension plan, a little place for the quieter days? For you as an entrepreneur, the no less important question then arises: what about your company - over the very long term? Have you already planned your company succession and clarified all family, financial and legal issues, or are you one of those people who think that this is "no longer important to me because I won't be around to see it"?

Is it really no longer important? Was not working every day to achieve the entrepreneurial dream one of the reasons why there had not supposedly been any time for succession planning? Do not give up on your dream and take the time NOW to determine for yourself who is to carry on your business in the next generation. For example, you can appoint your successor in your will - admittedly based solely on the assumption that he or she is actually suitable and this complies with the company law provisions that have to be considered. Or you can involve him or her in the company and business decisions while you are still alive and prepare him or her to manage your company in the future. The latter option - in addition to the fact that, although clear rules do not preclude family disputes, they can reduce them - also has the (tax) advantage that the succession can be carried out by means of gifts, for which there are several gift tax allowances. The value of gifts can also be reduced, tax burdens due to increases in value can be avoided and company assets can even be transferred 100% tax-free under certain conditions. And last but not least, you would have the certainty at an early stage that you have chosen the right successor who will ensure that you are provided for in your retirement and continue to carry on your business in your best interests.

And now the ideal case: You identify your successor and build up a strong partnership in good time AND appoint your successor in your will. Then the quieter days may even start a little earlier.

However, do not leave anything to chance when planning, because it is particularly important to consider issues relating to company law, family law, employment law, inheritance law and tax law when structuring the company succession:

  • What is my company worth?
  • Which structure would be ideal for me from a tax perspective?
  • Is there a market for my company? Should I sell?
  • Do I have qualified employees who could be considered as successors?
  • Can my children continue the business?
  • Is a change in the corporate form advisable? What would the consequences be?
  • What impact will my plans have on my employees?
  • Is there the right time to hand over the business?
  • How do I protect myself and my family?
  • Have I made the most of my opportunities?
  • What happens when something happens?
  • How do I avoid conflicts?

Some of our lawyers and advisers have specialised in precisely these and other topics and have formed a competence team that can support you in planning your company succession. Together with you and, if you wish, with your partners and your family, we develop the optimal succession plan for you, so that personal and family security is guaranteed in the long term and your business dream is preserved.

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