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We assist you from the idea up to drafting the contract documents for your franchise system, so that you can market your idea profitably.

Franchise concept, franchise system, franchise agreement

Probably the dream of every entrepreneur: no matter which city you come to (or even which country), your own company is already there - including its home atmosphere and usual quality. McDonalds, Starbucks & Co. are certainly familiar examples. So if you want to see your company name, logo, concept, etc. all over the country or beyond, feel free to consult our experts about the options available and work with them to develop a franchise concept.

However, your project is in good hands with our experts for whom this is their daily business. They will find a solution for almost every franchise idea and some of the franchise systems we have developed have been highly praised.

This does not prevent us from also advising you as a founder of a new business, who may have just wanted to sign a franchise agreement. Quite the opposite: first of all, our most important and valuable advice in this context is as follows: do not sign anything without first having it reviewed by a professional.

Contractual penalties and, in general, claims under a franchise agreement are not insignificant (including the lawyer’s advisory fees) and should be avoided or optimised where possible.

Is it too late because a conflict situation has already occurred? Also contact our experts immediately, especially in this case. We support both franchisors and franchisees in extrajudicial and - if unavoidable - judicial disputes and also advise you on the following and similar topics:

  • Franchise system
  • Franchise concept
  • Franchise agreement / master franchise agreement (drafting / review - domestic and international)

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Hermann Lindhorst

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer in IT, copyright and media law, Specialist lawyer in sports law

Günter Erdmann

Lawyer, Business Mediator (Of Counsel)

Andreas Th. E. Kreutzer

Lawyer (Of Counsel)

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