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We test the reasonableness of your financial statements so that funding for your next big step can be successfully secured.

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The requirements for the form and content of annual financial statements are constantly increasing, so that the submission of simple annual financial statements to credit institutions is often no longer sufficient for a loan to be granted; annual financial statements on which reasonableness testing has been performed are requested. Performance of the reasonableness testing includes the preparation work, review of the accounting records, interviews, audit procedures and issuing the certificate. By issuing the certificate it is confirmed that the documents submitted are conclusive and comply with the principles of proper accounting. A reasonableness test can be performed with or without extensive audit procedures.

We offer a wide range of services in connection with the preparation of annual financial statements - do not hesitate to contact us in this regard:

  • Preliminary meeting and consultation
  • Data preparation and controlling
  • Preparation of annual financial statements (with notes, if required)
  • Reasonableness testing (with extensive audit procedures, if required)
  • Preparation of the notes to the financial statements
  • Preparation of the management report
  • Electronic balance sheet
  • Preparation of the balance sheet to be published
  • Preparation of the profit and loss statement based on cash accounting
  • Accounting policies and balance sheet analysis
  • Preparation of opening balance sheets, interim balance sheets, settlement balance sheet, etc.
  • Closing balance sheet meeting

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Björn Brockhaus

Diplom-Kaufmann, Tax Advisor, Certified Public Accountant

Rainer Maack

Diplom-Kaufmann, Tax Adviser, Certified Public Accountant, Specialist adviser for controlling and finance (DStV e.V.)

Michael Niemeyer

Sworn Auditor, Tax Advisor, Lawyer

Olaf Oestreich

Diplom-Ökonom, Tax Adviser, Certified Public Accountant, Specialist Adviser for Healthcare (IBG/HS Bremerhaven)

Gerold Winter

Diplom-Kaufmann, Tax Advisor, Certified Public Accountant

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