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Crisis management from a single source

SKNvonGEYSO sees itself as your partner in all business, legal and tax matters. In addition to the legal and tax optimisation of the company structure, this also includes the difficulties in which every company can find itself, whether in debt or not.

We also provide our clients with multidisciplinary teams of experts to manage these situations. These assist you from providing quick help to secure liquidity to a strategic change of direction until reaching the turn-around. Our special structure enables all business, tax and legal aspects to be optimised in a highly coordinated manner.

We develop realistic and resilient concepts quickly and pragmatically based on a proven process to ensure sustainable profitability, competitiveness, and growth. Whether short-term measures to avert a crisis, preventive reorganisation plans or restructuring reports prepared in accordance with IDW S 6 - we provide assistance from a single source.

Our smart, integrated approach delivers a high degree of efficiency and ensures that the planned measures are accepted and therefore feasible. We assist you from the concept to its implementation to ensure sustainable success.


With more than 100 experts in tax, we are able to genuinely advise companies in crisis situations from a single source. We achieve a high level of efficiency by optimally coordinating all multidisciplinary expertise in a structured process and avoiding the otherwise usual information and coordination problems.

Working together

with the client ensures that we achieve success more quickly because we make optimal use of the existing knowledge of the client and its employees in interactive workshops. This process shortens the otherwise lengthy analysis phases and quickly creates a high level of transparency regarding the reasons for the crisis and identifies viable solutions. We use the industry knowledge and experience of our clients as additional expertise.


the clients leads to sustainably successful solutions. In addition to learning-by-doing via close cooperation, we provide clients with pragmatic tools and methodology training courses, thereby turning help into self-help. This saves advisory costs and prevents new crises. We find our motivation not in selling advisory days for crisis management, but in building long-term successful client relationships in the areas of tax, law, business and accounting.


means the connection between people and technology. With the support of modern IT, we ensure an optimal data flow without many interfaces and are able to quickly obtain important insights from data via smart analysis tools (e.g. from DATEV) and save valuable travel time by using digital remote working tools. We successfully combine digital and analogue processes.


Well-coordinated and proven processes are essential in a crisis. Each step must be taken in exactly the right way. Our reorganisation concept guides clients through the three phases of "understanding, planning and implementing".

In phase 1, we create a comprehensive, realistic picture of the ACTUAL situation in close cooperation with the client and determine the real causes of the crisis. If necessary, we initiate immediate measures to secure liquidity and develop a turnaround concept that is as coherent as it is sustainable.

In phase 2, we plan operational and structural turnaround measures and translate them into measurable effects that are reflected in an integrated financial plan. Thus, investors have a clear and realistic picture of the prospects, the associated measures, the costs and time schedule.

In phase 3, we start the operational implementation on the basis that financing has been secured and, as project manager, provide support in ensuring that the measures, costs and time schedule are adhered to.

Restructuring in accordance with IDW S 6

Based on our proven restructuring approach, our auditors prepare restructuring reports in accordance with the IDW S 6 standard. The expert report provides a professional and meaningful opinion regarding the severity of the crisis in which the client and its company find themselves. We consider three questions in the restructuring report:

  1. Is the company able to overcome the crisis?
  2. What measures need to be taken to achieve this?
  3. In what time frame do the measures have to be implemented and what is the resulting financial planning?

In addition to business management issues, we also highlight all related tax and legal aspects and are able to develop integrated solutions working together with our clients and their creditors. By applying the IDW S 6 standard, restructuring plans based on an expert report have a particularly high level of acceptance among banks and other stakeholders.

Short-term crisis management

Not every crisis requires a comprehensive reorganisation concept or even a restructuring report.

Through our interactive workshops and proven tools and methods, we are able to quickly understand the reasons for crises without lengthy analysis phases and jointly initiate countermeasures. This often includes the following measures:

  • Preparing a short-term liquidity plan
  • Cleaning up the accounting records with our team of over 40 accountants
  • Active accounts receivable/payable management
  • Support during creditor meetings
  • Determining capital requirements for interim financing
  • Preparing a 1-2 year integrated financial plan based on strategic and operational measures to bring the business model up to date
  • Creating bank presentations

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Arne Tödter

Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur, Tax Advisor (Of Counsel)

Michael Niemeyer

Sworn Auditor, Tax Advisor, Lawyer

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