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We assist you in succession planning from a personal and business perspective, but also support you in a contentious inheritance settlement.

Inheritance is a serious issue

Inheritance is a personal thing. A very personal one, because the "wealthy aunt from overseas who you didn't know about before and who left you a small fortune" is in fact quite rare. And so it is the family members closest to us who need to be protected, the continued existence of the “business”, which has been your life's work, or you unexpectedly find yourself in a contentious procedure of dissolving and liquidating the community of heirs.

Experience shows that most people are reluctant to deal with issues such as their own death, inheritance or company succession, and perhaps you are one of those people who do not have any close relatives or do not wish to bequeath anything at all. Then simply squander your assets during your lifetime or donate them - after all, it is your money. However, if you want to make provisions for yourself and your family or even your company and counteract disputes that may arise later (and they do occur in the case of inheritance even in the previously most peaceful and harmonious families), plan well in advance. In contentious cases you need a strong and competent partner at your side.

Our specialist lawyers in inheritance law advise

  • private individuals
  • companies
  • and in all disputes concerning inheritance law

Frequently asked questions

"Aprѐs moi, le déluge" or caring beyond one's lifespan? Protect your loved ones and get expert advice in good time.

For you as a private individual, questions may arise in this context such as:

  • How do I draw up a legally valid will?
  • Should I draw up an individual will or a joint will?
  • How do I formulate an appropriate living will, a general and lasting power of attorney or a legally valid custody declaration for my underage children?
  • How do I avoid conflicts in the family?
  • What are the benefits of giving gifts, and what must be borne in mind?
  • When is it advisable to appoint an executor?

Please feel free to pass on these and other questions to our specialist lawyers in inheritance law for objective, comprehensive and competent advice so that you can quickly get back to your day-to-day life.

Our recommendation

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know: planning company succession is a strategic challenge and of immense importance. It is therefore advisable to deal with questions such as the following in a timely manner:

  • How do I transfer my company to the next generation in the optimum way and ensure the company's continued existence?
  • How do I achieve my personal objectives in a legally effective manner?
  • How do I avoid conflicts in the family and in the company when inheritance is involved?
  • What legal measures are necessary to protect my company and family over the long term (also in the case of absence due to illness)?
  • What mistakes should I avoid at all costs?
  • What is the value of my company? Is there a market for my company? Should I sell?
  • Is a change in the corporate form advisable? What would the consequences be?

Please do not hesitate to contact our experts regarding these and similar topics. We work with you in a team of experts (specialists in inheritance law, company law, family law, tax law, employment law) to develop the right strategy for you.


Quarrels happen in the best of families. This saying is as old as it is true. Especially in connection with inheritance. Perhaps you have just experienced this yourself: You have inherited or you want to inherit. Or you have not inherited but should have. Or you have inherited and do not know whether to accept the inheritance. In these cases, too, you are welcome to contact our specialist lawyers in inheritance law. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice, if necessary, working with other internal or external lawyers and tax advisers in a multidisciplinary team on the following topics among others:

  • Interpretation of wills and contesting a will
  • Compulsory share /rights to a supplement to the compulsory share if disinherited
  • Dissolving and liquidating the community of heirs and administration of communities of heirs
  • Execution of wills and administration of estates
  • Disputes before the probate court or civil court
  • Certificate of inheritance, accepting and refusing an inheritance
  • Gifts and recovery of gifts
  • Inheritance tax forms
  • Possible inheritance claims (e.g. after years of caring for a relative)
  • Legacies and conditions

Our specialist lawyers will also represent you in out-of-court proceedings or before the civil courts, probate courts and guardianship courts.

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Sabine Münzel

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer in inheritance law, Certified executor (AGT)

Dr. Kathrin Baartz

Lawyer, Specialist lawyer for family law, Specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law, Mediator

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